Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone by IMEI Blacklist Removal

Is my iPhone blacklisted by Apple? This is a question we often get here at MobilTelefoner. And once someone realizes that the iPhone is blacklisted, the next question is how can I unlock my blacklisted iPhone for FREE? Is there any iPhone IMEI blacklist removal? In this post, we will explain the reasons and consequences of why the iPhone is blocked and what you can do to unlock iPhone blacklist IMEI for free !


Especially people who bought an iPhone from online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist notice way too late that they can’t use the iPhone.

Blacklisted iPhones cannot be activated and cannot be used with SIM cards. So, basically, you have an iPod touch.

That’s why we always recommend checking the IMEI Blacklist status of a used iPhone BEFORE simply buying it from a trusted person.

And very often, even trusted people are not aware that they are selling a blacklisted iPhone.

If you’ve ever bought an iPhone online and it turned out to be locked or blacklisted, don’t worry!

Especially if it turns out to be blacklisted, there is a solution for you.

The iPhone is not useless and fortunately, there are ways how you can unlock a blacklisted iPhone and continue using it with other mobile networks.

If you are looking for a used phone to buy, you need to check all aspects, starting with the visual things and ending with the technical factors. The most popular models that people buy second hand are the iPhone, Apple devices. We have already made a comprehensive article What to check before buying a used iPhone? We highly recommend this valuable article to avoid any mistakes you might make when buying.

The most important thing you really need to learn is Phone Blacklist Checker, where you will be able to check the blacklist status of the IMEI number.

What does it mean that the IMEI number is blacklisted?

If you already find the blacklist status of your potential device and the information provided tells you that the phone exists on the blacklist. What does this mean? Phones marked as blacklisted are listed in the blacklisting database because the devices have been reported lost, stolen or the bills on them have not been paid. This means that wireless operators will not allow the phone to connect to the network connection even if you use a valid SIM card. In a word, such a phone is useless, so if you receive information that this phone is blacklisted, stop the action and do not make the purchase.

Unblock blacklisted iPhone – What is the procedure?

We need to clarify, because many people think they can DELETE Blacklist status from an iPhone by themselves, but Blacklisted iPhone Unlock service does not do that. You can only remove Blacklist status through a verified IMEI unlocking service. iPhoneUnlock.Zone can unlock a Blacklisted iPhone and allow you to use it with other mobile networks / SIM cards.

The most common reasons why Apple or mobile networks blacklist an iPhone are:

  • The iPhone is reported lost or stolen by its original owner
  • The original owner of the iPhone has not paid the carrier’s bills
  • The iPhone owner has filed an insurance claim
  • If Apple has replaced its IMEI number (it blacklists previous numbers) and some other rare cases

Keep in mind, that your first step is to try to reach the original owner of the iPhone, and ask him to remove the blacklist. If this is possible, then you can save a lot of money!

Most of the time, people try to sell stolen and lost iPhones on online marketplaces, so it is almost impossible to find the original owner of that iPhone.
Again, it is crucial to check the IMEI of an iPhone with our IMEI Checker to make sure it is not blacklisted and locked.

Another way to CLEAN or DELETE an iPhone would be to contact the original owner and request a blacklisting. This usually does not work.

What mobile networks can I use if I unlock a blacklisted iPhone?

I’ll give you a few examples to fully understand which networks you can use, but in general, you’ll be able to use all mobile networks except those operating in the same country where your iPhone has been blacklisted.

For example, if your iPhone has been blacklisted by Orange UK, you can use a blacklisted iPhone unlocking service, and use your iPhone to any mobile network you want, except from all UK operators (NOT with O2, Vodafone, Three and other UK networks).

How to order the blacklisted iPhone unlocking service?

To summarize what the blacklisted iPhone unlocking service is able to do:

  • Unlock your iPhone (Supports all iPhone models and all iOS versions)
  • Use it only on mobile networks outside the country where your iPhone is locked
  • Will not remove the blacklist status (Only the original owner can do that!)
  • You will need to follow the steps below, in order to complete the order of the blacklisted iPhone unlocking service:
  • Receive the IMEI number of the iPhone you want to unlock by dialing *#06#
  • Go to www.iPhoneUnlock.io and request a blacklisted iPhone unlocking service
  • Proceed to the payment through PayPal (They support PayPal, because it is the safest method and the only one that can guarantee you a full refund of the money)

Click here to order a blacklisted iPhone unlock

How to block a stolen Apple iPhone?

If your cell phone has been stolen or lost? Don’t worry, today we will explain how you can easily and quickly block a stolen Apple iPhone.

With Apple, you can ensure that no one has access to your personal information once you block it. Likewise, you won’t be able to use any of the features or delete anything.

You can even locate it to know where it is even if it is turned off. Let’s see how to lock an iPhone phone by IMEI.

Phone companies have a list of IMEIs that they should not provide service to. Therefore, once you report and block it, the device in question will stop working until you re-register it.

To block and then register it, you will need the purchase invoice and your ID or personal identifier.

How to lock an iPhone device by IMEI

Before starting this procedure, you need to know the IMEI number. Usually, if you press * # 06 # you can get it on the screen of your mobile, but since in this case we do not have access to it, you will have to look for it on the purchase invoice or on the packaging.

A safe way to do this is to contact the company that provides telephone services on your mobile, whether you have a permanent contract or a free contract, that is, you pay a monthly subscription or have a prepaid line.

In addition, you can ask them to block the SIM card, so that they can not use it either.

Also remember that it is important that you make the corresponding report to the authorities along with the purchase invoice, because this way you can get it back in case you find it.

Once you have blocked it by IMEI, you can confirm that this has been done successfully by entering a page such as myiohoneimei.com free for example. All are paid.

Once inside, you need to choose Check without my iPhone reported. And then enter the IMEI number . Then you have to fill out a form with your data and send it.

You will receive an e-mail with all the data of your iPhone and from there you can verify that the IMEI blocking was successfully performed.

How to lock my iPhone from iCloud in a few steps

Another way to lock your iPhone device is to use the iCloud account associated with your device. To do this, you need to have access to your account data, i.e. the ID.

Once you do this, your iPhone will be completely locked and no function can be performed with . In other words, you can only activate it, but you won’t have access to your personal data or apps, nor will you be able to send or receive calls or texts.

To perform the iCloud lock, access the official iCloud.com website from a computer. Log in to your account by entering your email and password. Then position yourself on Find iPhone.

You will see a list of all Apple devices associated with this account in case you have more than one. Select the device you want to block. When you do, you’ll see its geolocation on a map. If it is close, you can make it ring.

Then you need to select the Mark as lost option. With it, your iPhone will crash instantly. Don’t worry if you had credit cards associated with your mobile, as they will be rejected as well. Those iPhones that would have been checked end up on Apple’s blacklist

You can delete the information you had on your device so that the person who has it in their possession cannot access it, but then you will not be able to recover it.

We recommend that you make a backup copy to another new Apple account so that you can safely delete all the data associated with your account without fear of losing it forever. Well, you will already have a backup account.

Finally, remove your lost iPhone from the list of trusted devices. We hope this guide to lock your iPhone device by IMEI and iCloud has been helpful.