How to repair the Samsung touch screen that does not work

How to repair the Samsung touch screen that does not work

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Do you feel helpless with the problem of Samsung touch screen not working? If you want to solve this problem, read this article that will provide you with solutions to fix Samsung touch screen freezing problem.

Touch screen technology is advancing day by day, it allows you to operate your smartphones smoothly. But touch screen problems are now becoming common, such as touch screen not working on Samsung and other brands. This problem will hinder your phone usage and becomes very annoying when you are unable to perform a simple operation on phone. There are some common reasons that cause the problem of Samsung touch screen not working :

  • Malicious apps: Malicious applications that corrupt applications and damage the operating system can make the touch screen unresponsive.
  • Screen damage: External factors such as screen damage, temperature, magnetic field can be almost the cause of Samsung touch screen not responding to any touch.
  • System error: It is likely that the Android device crashes and does not work when the system is changed.

How to fix Samsung touch screen not working

Tip 1: Force restart your Samsung phone

If you encounter a problem with Samsung touchscreen not working, one of the available options is to force restart. To do this, you need to press the volume down button and the power button at the same time for more than 20 seconds. This manipulation will make your device smoother and faster with proper touch screen response.

Tip 2. Remove the memory card and SIM card

While performing several functions, the smartphone gets warm and this hinders its performance. It also influences the touch screen and makes it slow to respond. Removing the memory card and SIM card can be a convenient way to solve this problem.

Note: You must disassemble your SIM card and memory card before removing them. It is possible that your data may be deleted.

Tip 3. Start the device in secure mode

If the above methods don’t fix your problem, try booting your Samsung device in safe mode (safe mode for other Android phone brands). This procedure will help you check if the recently installed applications are responsible for the problem. Here are the steps:

  1. Long press the power button until you see the Shutdown option displayed on the screen.
  2. Press and hold Power Off to unlock the menu.
  3. Press Yes when a message appears on the screen asking you to confirm the reboot.

If your device works normally after booting into safe mode, it is sure that the last installed application is causing the problem.

Bonus Tip. How to backup Samsung data in 1 click

For users tormented by the problem of Samsung’s non-functioning touchscreen and considering resetting their phones, You have to be very careful because resetting could erase all important data if you fail to make a backup.

Samsung users have various methods to backup their data, and AnyDroid is undoubtedly the best option. Here are the reasons:

  • AnyDroid allows you to back up all your Samsung data to your PC/Mac in 1 click, without complex manipulation.
  • You can select according to your need some data to backup by previewing the details before transferring.
  • This efficient manager can back up all kinds of Android data like contacts, messages, videos, applications, photos, etc.
  • This professional tool also allows you to transfer data between two Samsung devices and add data from computer to your Samsung.
  • AnyDroid is highly compatible with all Samsung devices and other brands of Android devices.
    • Step 1.Launch AnyDroid on your PC > Connect your Samsung device to the computer with a USB cable > Click the Content to PC/Mac.
    • Step 2.Choose the categories of data you want to backup > Click Next.

Once all your data is saved as a backup on your computer, you can easily reset your device and fix the problem of Samsung touch screen not working.


These are the tips to fix Samsung touch screen not working problem, you can try them to make the touch screen blocking work. Download DroidKit and take a free trial to fix the Android system in an easy and quick way. If you find this software useful, please share it with your friends. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment.