Samsung Good Lock: How to customize your Galaxy smartphone

Samsung Good Lock: How to customize your Galaxy smartphone

Samsung Good Lock: How to customize your Galaxy smartphone

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A few years ago, Samsung launched the Good Lock toolkit to expand the customization options of its smartphones and its OneUI interface. In this article, find out how to download and use Samsung Good Lock.

What is Samsung Good Lock

Good Lock is a set of utilities that adds functionality and increases the degree of customization of Samsung smartphones. It complements the OneUI interface with new advanced options, similar to Windows PowerToys.

The Good Lock app itself works as a list of shortcuts to different components, which download from the Galaxy Store, Samsung’s app store. But some of them work independently, and can be installed directly from the APK.

It should be noted that because they significantly modify the smartphone’s system, the utilities usually stop working with each new version of Android or OneUI, requiring the release of a new compatible version.

Unfortunately, Good Lock is only available in 23 countries, according to Samsung, but you can get around this geographical restriction in a few ways.

How to install Good Lock from the Galaxy Store

If Good Lock is officially available in your country, simply open the Galaxy Store app on your smartphone or tablet, search for and download the Good Lock app.

You can use a VPN to install the app and bypass the Samsung Store’s geo-control, but you may have to remove your SIM card and clear your Galaxy Store data and cache, then select a country where Good Lock is available, like India for example. Finally, another option is to download the Good Lock APK from the APKMirror website.

How to install Good Lock modules

Once Good Lock is installed, the application lists all the modules (the name given to each of the utilities in the package) separated into two groups: Unit and Family. Tapping on one of the options, Good Lock will open the corresponding page of the module on the Galaxy Store, where the tool can be downloaded and installed, just like a regular application.

After installing each module, its shortcut in Good Lock will change to display an animation, indicating that it is ready to be activated. Depending on the degree of customization offered by the module, you will need to grant system permission before using it.

Nice Lock: An alternative app to bypass geographic restrictions

An alternative to Good Lock for installing and managing modules is to use a standalone app, such as Nice Lock, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Nice Lock is full of ads, which can be disabled by purchasing the premium version for about 14 dollars.

How to Install Nice Lock Modules

Nice Lock is quite similar to Good Lock, listing the different modules and indicating which ones are already installed. To install a new utility, however, it is not enough to simply press the module icon, for this you will have to manually install the APKs of the desired tools. Nice Lock itself provides an index on this page to manage the installation of modules with the NiceLock Downloader Companion application, which must be installed by sideload.

Some Good Lock Tools

Good Lock lists modules that are compatible with the features of your Samsung Galaxy. For example, tools that use the S-Pen or curved screen are not offered for unsupported devices.

And installing Good Lock or Nice Lock is necessary because the modules are not accessible through Android’s app menu. Therefore, the application works as a new settings screen, besides each of the modules has a design that reminds a lot of OneUI settings.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the tools offered by Good Lock:

  • LockStar: Allows you to customize the lock screen, changing the position of widgets and notifications, the wallpaper and even the design of the clock;
  • QuickStar: Offers options to change the look of the notifications panel, configure the icons that appear in the device status bar (for example, hide the Wi-Fi or cell signal indicator), or the position of the clock in the bar;
  • MultiStar: Includes tools for multitasking, allowing you to open almost any application in a split screen or pop-up window, with the ability to hide the status and navigation bar;
  • Clockface: Changes the appearance of the clock on the lock screen or in always-on-display mode, with the ability to use animated GIFs and other images;
  • NavStar: Changes the icons in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Those who use the gesture navigation option can adjust the sensitivity of the function, and even the width and color of the optional area where gestures are made;
  • Home Up: Redefines the layout of the OneUI home screen. Another interesting option is the ability to change the list of applications in the sharing screen, removing unnecessary applications and delete the shortcut to the sharing function nearby;
  • NotiStar: Notification management panel, NotiStar allows you to filter the applications that display alerts in the single user interface, filter and classify incoming notifications and even perform searches;
  • Routines+: For those who use Bixby’s automation routines, this module offers more customization features, rules and actions, and allows for sharing routines;
  • Keys Cafe: Customizes the keyboard, with options to enlarge keys, add effects and even apply color themes;
  • Wonderland: Applies animated effects to the background, including motion and particle options;
  • Theme Park: Similar to the Material You customization, creates themes for the interface based on the colors of the wallpaper;
  • Nice Catch: Identifies applications that may wake up the smartphone or make it vibrate;
  • One-handed operation +: Offers more gesture options for control from the sides of the screen, with options for short and long movements;
  • SoundAssistant: Allows you to adjust the volume of individual apps, adjust stereo sound balance, adjust equalization and other audio settings;
  • Edge Lightning+: Displays light effects on the edges of the smartphone screens;
  • Edge Touch: Allows you to fine-tune the area on the sides of the curved screen where touches are ignored;
  • Pentastic: Customizes the cursor, sounds and controls of the S Pen on the screen;

Good Guardians (formerly Galaxy Labs)

Nice Lock also allows you to add shortcuts to the modules of the Good Guardians utility suite, until recently known as Galaxy Labs:

  • File Guardian: Allows you to recover mistakenly deleted files, make backups or even permanently delete files from your smartphone;
  • Battery Tracker: Monitors the consumption of different applications during customized periods;
  • Battery Guardian: Detects excessive power consumption by applications and allows you to block them;
  • Galaxy App Booster: Downloads optimized versions of applications to your smartphone or tablet;
  • Thermal Guardian: Adjusts the temperature threshold for reduced performance;
  • Memory Guardian; Monitors RAM usage and promises to free up space for other apps.

Some of the features offered by Good Lock can be found in competing OneUI overlays. Nevertheless, for Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners, the utilities offer a variety of useful tools to further customize the device’s user experience.