The 5 best smartphones to listen to your music


The 5 best smartphones to listen to your music

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Today, the heart of music listening has shifted from traditional hi-fi to nomadic products, and more specifically to the smartphone. Sound quality has even become one of the essential criteria in the choice of a phone. We therefore offer a small selection of smartphones gifted in audio.


This is excellence, and unfortunately it has a price. The Galaxy Note 10 does not have a jack plug but its speakers are really very good, allowing you to listen to your music in the best conditions. In wireless mode, it knows how to get the best out of connected Bluetooth headsets. And of course, its very comfortable autonomy will allow you to enjoy it for a long time. There are also sound enhancement and adaptation options with the Adapt Sound feature.


Like all the generations of iPhone that have succeeded one another, the iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best audio smartphones. It is certainly devoid of a jack plug as it is now customary with the brand, and in addition the adapter to connect his wired headphones is no longer provided. However, the iPhone is doing very well thanks to its excellence in wireless mode, especially with the home earphones and Beats headphones equipped with the W1 chip that facilitates their interaction. Another strong point is the richness of the brand’s ecosystem, for which the best applications dedicated to sound are often developed as a priority.


The Xiaomi Note 7 inherits the excellence of its inspirer, the famous Note 5. In audio, it shines in particular with its high quality speaker that will allow you to listen to your music without necessarily going through the headphone box. Of course, wired headphones will allow you to go even further thanks to its jack plug. We do not reach the level of the best of its kind, but Note 7, also considered as the best smartphone for less than 250 euros, offers an excellent value for money.


Here it’s not just a smartphone that we’re highlighting, but a package. Alone, the Sony Xperia L1 is an excellent multimedia smartphone, whose excellent Dolby Atmos-compatible stereo speakers are particularly well optimized. We just regret the absence of a jack plug, especially knowing Sony’s expertise in this field. On the other hand, when it is offered to us in a pack with what is considered to be the best active noise reduction headphones in the world, how can we resist? A pack for demanding music lovers.


What makes the Huawei P30 so strong and justifies its presence in this selection is that it is one of the few smartphones in its category to retain a very good jack plug. And it’s true to say that the wired connection is still the best way to listen to headphones in terms of quality. The P30 has configurable equalizers, Bluetooth AptX and AptX HD and LDAC compatibility. Finally, it also offers Dolby Atmos.